About Us

So what do you want to get out of martial arts training? Everyone has a reason for their interest in the martial arts. It”s important to know your objectives and your options, so that you can have a positive experience and get the most out of your training. The following are typical reasons individuals pursue training in martial arts:
Fitness, Health, Family, Involvement with Children, Self Defense, Interest in Traditional or Cultural Arts, Full Contact/Combat Sports/MMA

At WARRIORS OF GRACE KARATE, Sensei Tony Will Be Glad To Help You Explore Your Martial Arts Interests And Fitness Objectives.


What kind of school is suited to you? Do you just want to get in shape and have some fun? Are you looking for a school where you can train with your kids? Do Japanese or Chinese martial arts traditions appeal to you? Are you looking to step in the ring to compete? Decide which of these best describes your ideal school. The focus of the school is more important than the style, although there is some correlation between the two. At our school we following some basic teaching principles in the style of Okinawan Goju Ryu:

1. First and foremost, we are a character development school. Good character traits are the foundation for success in all areas of life.

2. Second we teach physical fitness. Warriors of Grace Karate is a place where any child at any age and physical ability can excel. The habits, traits and physical development gained through karate enhance all aspects of life, as well as any sport.

3. Third, we teach self-defense. The first and most important line of defense is developing nice, gentle, kind, respectful, courteous yet very strong, assertive young people. We use a layered defense system. We start by building up a child’s confidence and courage to stand up for themselves and say NO! Then we arm them with the various tools of self-defense.

“To provide a unique family oriented karate school, grounded in the teachings of Christ, that challenges everyone to become whole and healthy, while developing into kind, loving people of strong morals and character. This is primarily accomplished by challenging each individual to reach their highest potential physically, mentally, and spiritually, while humbly offering their lives for a higher purpose. Ours is not a solitary endeavor. We strive to bring out the best in each other by speaking the truth in love. While we are always striving to “be” black belts, we will maintain a white belt attitude by being always open to learn.”
– Dojo Mission