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Warriors of Grace Karate

Our school has built a reputation on delivering the Highest Quality Karate training in a Warm, Welcoming Family Friendly environment. Come and visit us. You will not be disappointed! Listen to what some of our students and families have to say about us:

"We are so grateful that you love our family like your own; as the individuals we each are!....We love that we know when our boys are a part of your karate teaching they are getting much more than a workout! (life lessons, options for handling tough situations, friends, healthy challenges, accountability and encouragement). Thank you for your mission to serve our families in all these ways and for doing it with your whole hearts!"

"...I keep coming back because of the friendliness of the group, and the professionalism & experience of the teachers...."

"We come for the true caring, love, and compassion you show the kids."

"Sensei Tony is very skilled, has an eye for detail, good memory, and good practical knowledge."

"My child needs a balance of activity and firm teaching of values and moral behavior. Karate provides that, but the reason we come all the way from Davidsonville is because we adore Sensei Tony and Senpai Noelle. They are gifted role models for our children and amazing teachers...."

"....Warriors of Grace is a blessing to us because of the people who run it!"

"Warriors of Grace Karate is one of the best things that has happened to our family... I recommend WOG to every person that I know..."

"I care about what my kids are learning - physically, and mentally, and emotionally - and I care about the examples being set by the people who are teaching my kids."

"For starters, the quality of the karate taught is the best I've ever experienced. Sensei Tony really knows Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate and is great at imparting his knowledge on us, his students. Most importantly though is that I really love you guys. ..... No egos, humble, and just damn good people!!!"

"....you care. We're not just students -- we're family. And it's not specific to our family alone. We see it demonstrated every time we're at the dojo....."

"....The teachers and many of the students are passionate about karate..... Sensei and the senpais generously share the knowledge that you all have worked so hard to learn. It is a warm and welcoming place for women."

"Warriors of Grace seems like a community versus a business."

"I like the family atmosphere, the feeling that every kid who walks in there is going to be treated like they belong there.  But not just the kids. The parents are also treated the same way....."

"....Another great thing is that your philosophy of humility creates an environment where all the students take care of each other and there is no intimidation particularly with beginners who may feel uncomfortable....."

"....It also teaches to respect others while having fun in a friendly competitive environment......"

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AWESOME - Warriors Of Grace has changed my life since Feb of 2008. I am more confident, I am in much better physical shape, I am learning to focus, I am learning to teach, I have found a stronger faith in God. Sensei Tony and Sensei Jim are great teachers and mentors and the students are like family.

-Sean, Millersville, MD

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Warriors Of Grace Karate
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